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The new hot word in education is STEM, but what does it mean? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! At the RSM Program, we support STEM development in all levels of education; our focus is in middle and high schools in the Northern California Region and with more funding we will be able to expand into more schools and counties!

The NorCal STEM Education Foundation believes in hands-on inquiry-based learning.
The Mentoring Programs are tailored to specific program and learning-level needs.
Funded Programs are free to schools and organizations.
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From your iPhone (Tech) alarm waking you up in the morning, to your allergy medicine (Science) that you take before driving to work over the Tower Bridge (Engineering) to picking up and budgeting for your groceries for dinner (Math), STEM is a part of everyday life! If our students do not connect the importance of science in school to everyday life, they are less likely to pursue a career in it. We need to engage and expose our students to inquiry-based activities to get the gears in their heads to turn and connect career pathways to their interest in how things work, anatomy or calculations.

Many students in secondary school in the Northern California region have no access to hands-on, engaging STEM programs.  US students rank 17th in Science proficiency and 35th in Math in the world. Despite record unemployment, companies report being unable to find qualified candidates in STEM with more than 1 million unfilled jobs on the horizon.  We need to act now to change the perception about STEM for today’s students.

The Regional STEM Mentoring Program is a flexible program that provides these essential resources to the Northern California Region. Our focus is on under-served and minority areas. The program operates for no cost to the students, with funding.  These under-served and minority areas are missing the crucial exposure period for these students to change their attitudes about STEM subjects before they go on to pick their college majors.
Through the Program’s plan of hands-on, inquiry-based learning, students will be able to apply STEM to everyday life and participate in real-world problem solving.  The result is young minds that are more open to pursuing majors that result in STEM careers and boost the STEM workforce with passionate, enthusiastic new personnel. The Program’s overall purpose is to build a stronger, more prepared and diverse STEM workforce.

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