About Us

Our History

The Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair Foundation (NorCal STEM Education Foundation) was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in September 2001, after the California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) and Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) advocated Blanning and Baker Associates, Inc to adopt and revive the event. The Foundation was originally created solely to operate and organize the Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair, previously supported by the Sacramento Bee. The first annual Fair, run by the Foundation, was held in the Spring of 2002 where it was noted that there was minimal participation from the region. Through grassroots efforts, the Foundation conducted research that illustrated a need for STEM educational programs. The lack of STEM educational initiatives in the greater Sacramento region inspired the Foundation to expand from purely organizing the Fair to grow and become a now 12-county STEM educational foundation that provides programs and gathers resources for the entire region.

Why Participate

NGSS focuses on hands-on, student-driven, inquiry-based project learning that involves cross-curricular collaboration, and invest in the education of our future scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians.

Our Mission

The mission of the NorCal STEM Education Foundation is to encourage students to find their passion for STEM and spark their interest in scientific, technological, engineering or mathematical degrees and careers

Our Visions

Mold the Scientists, Technicians, Engineers and Mathematicians of tomorrow! Encouraging your students to participate in our Fair can not only fit well into your curriculum for the year, but will also satisfy the Next Generation Science Standards!

Board of Directors

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David Miller


Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) for the Department of Toxic Substances Control in Sacramento.

Matt Hanson

Vice President & Treasurer

Transportation Engineer with the California Department of Transportation in Sacramento.

Terry Escarda


Hazardous Substances Engineer at the Department of Toxic Substances Control in Sacramento

Valerie Chenoweth-Brown

Board Member

Senior Health Physicist in the Human and Ecological Risk Office of the Department of Toxics Substances Control in Sacramento.

Malinda Holland


Intel Corporation as a Platform Application Engineer volunteering with stem on the Judging and Scoring Committee.

Limitless Learning More Possibilites

Molding the Scientists, Technicians, Engineers and Mathematicians of tomorrow!


Nadia Compton

Fair Director

Bianca Gutierrez Petzold

Foundation Executive

Claire Wynne

Fair Coordinator

Brandon Cheathon

Media Relations

April Beale


Chris Voight